8 Home Window Cleaning Tips You Should Know

8 Home Window Cleaning Tips You Should Know
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Gone are the chirpy summer days and winters are just around the corner. It is the time of the year when some prepping will help you enjoy the colder season with the least inconvenience. Most of us don’t give due respect to our house windows. Proper home window cleaning is essential to keep the windows in their best shape. If you want to make the most out of windows, get ready for some cleaning and maintenance.

Keep in mind that the winter seasons are also harsh for your house’s exterior and windows. Snowy outdoors make maintenance a difficult task but does not spare the structural integrity of your home.

If you find the frames to be damaged or broken hire a reliable company for home window repair. They have got the best tools and expertise to fix the issues before they affect the energy efficiency of your home.

The following window cleaning and maintenance tips are extremely helpful for those who prefer caution over cure. That’s because window cleaning allows you to inspect the windows and get them repaired on time.

1. Pick A Cloudy Day

Pick a cloudy day for window cleaning. High temperatures can prematurely dry up the soap and water over the surface making the cleaning difficult. Wipe the glass panes with a soft lint-free cloth and let it dry completely.

Take this as an opportunity to inspect every part of the window frame closely. Do you see any cracks and fissures? If you see any visible damages, get them fixed. A lot of homeowners hire window replacement services after they experience cold drafts in the winter nights. If you don’t like to wake up cold at night, don’t waste a minute more and get it repair.

2.Start from The Top

One simple rule is to begin from the topmost portion of the window panes. The cleaning solution or water will drip down due to gravity. You can use these simple principles of physics for your advantage. As you work down, the drips will not have a chance to ruin the perfectly cleaned portions of glass panes. Imagine working it the other way and you will see a mess already.

3. Squeegees Are Great Cleaning Tools

Squeegee is a simple yet great tool that can make a huge impact on your window cleaning routine. It can make or break the final look. A squeegee makes cleaning easy, bright, and streak-free. If you use a piece of cloth or paper towel to remove water, the visible water streaks affect the aesthetic appeals.

For those who worry about tall windows and need streak-free window panes till the top, buy long handles.

4. Always Use Microfiber Cloth

Lint residue left over the glass surfaces is one of the major problems of a DIY cleaner. The tiny fibers or pieces of paper towel render all the efforts useless. Here is a piece of advice you should always keep in mind. The perfect choice for window cleaning is an absorbent, lint-free microfiber cloth. It is cheaply available at home improvement stores. If you can’t get your hands on the specific cloth, an old t-shirt is a perfect alternative.

5. Newspaper Can Do the Trick

The newspaper has been known to help in mirrors and window glass cleaning. In some parts of the world, it is a household trick and people swear by it. Next time, you get your hands on an old printed newspaper (avoid pages with too much of black in), crumble it into a ball and use it for wiping the glass surface. The paper is highly absorbent and leaves the surface shining brightly.

6. Use Cotton Swabs for Corners

Nooks and crannies pose a great challenge to homeowners. Window corners are no different and can be very tricky to clean. It is not surprising that the dust accumulates here. Owing to the difficulty in cleaning, DIY cleaner delay the corner cleaning. The next time you clean the windows, use cotton swabs to get rid of all the corner dust and debris.

7. Cover the Wood Work

When you are using detergents or commercially available window cleaning solutions be careful around the home window frames. If the frame is wooden even water can inflict serious damages. It is suggested to cover the work wood with plastic wrap. Avoid dripping water on the wood frames. The moisture absorbed by the wood can distort it as well as imposes a risk of mold growth. Crack open the windows for ventilation and allow the frames to dry completely.

8. Get Multiple Scrubbers

If you want super clean windows, use different scrubbers for different phases of window cleaning. A good cleaning session not only imparts a fresh look to your house but allows you to buy a replacement window exactly when you need to.


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