How artificial intelligence helps you with your safety

How artificial intelligence helps you with your safety
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There’s no way to get around it anymore: artificial intelligence is everywhere. Its rapid growth has opened many doors for many companies, in many different ways. Whether it’s writing SEO-texts for your website or a chatbot answering the questions of your customers, AI takes work off your hands that can cost a lot of time. But, there’s more to AI than just this: you can also use it for your safety. We’ll tell you more about this!

How does artificial intelligence work?

First it’s important to realize how artificial intelligence works before you invest in this. The name tells you a lot already about how it works: it’s intelligence made in an artificial way. The way this works, is by recognizing patterns and teaching this to themselves. We’ll give you an example:

Your product A is a real frontrunner. A certain customer (customer X) buys this product in month 1, month 2, month 3, etc. Your AI recognizes a pattern: in month 4, customer X will also buy product A. You can now use this information by reminding customer A of this purchase, by e-mailing him or making an advertisement for him. This way, you make sure the purchase is done again, increasing your sales once more.

How does AI work for safety?

Of course, the scenario stated above has nothing to do with security: it’s just an example of how AI can recognize a pattern. You can also use AI in a more directed way by giving it a task. For example: scan the internet looking for dangerous activities that have to do with my company. Your AI now performs a broad scan, finding everything that could possibly negatively affect your company. Once this is found, the AI recognizes the pattern of danger and realizes this danger should be deleted, which is what it automatically does for you. This secures your safety without costing much of your time.

Invest in threat intelligence!

The service mentioned above is called threat intelligence. It’s very hard to create your own AI that takes care of this, but luckily you don’t have to do this. When you invest in the threat intelligence service of Onsist, you have your security taken care of for you. You receive widely reports of what they did for you, so you know exactly how safe you are. Get started immediately!


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