10 Types Of Business Growth Of An Organization

10 Types Of Business Growth Of An Organization

Let us have a look at the topmost business growth models or you can say business growth strategies that one should not miss out on!

When you see that your company growth is getting slow and lethargic, then try implementing any of these growth models at your business end/

Furthermore, these strategies will not allow your business to get bankrupt or decline at any cost.

We are sure that these business growth strategies will help your organization immensely.

It makes your business line more approachable and you see growth and success each day.

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10 Types of Business Growth:

Business Growth

Here we have penned-down these business growth strategies and we can give you this sure shot guarantee that these strategies will work for you.

One needs to emphasize a lot on these business growth models. In addition, these top strategies are recommended by business tycoons.

To implement these models, you have to do a lot of planning and preparation as well as communication.

With their proper implementation, these models can give you a seamless success and growth experience.

So, never and ever neglect the importance of these business growth models.

Keep in mind your business type and determine which growth models suit it. Rest, you can see the details for your further guidance:

How Much Amount of Market you Want to Own for Your Business- The Growth Model of Market Share Penetration:

The very first business growth model we have for you is this market share penetration, growth model.

While implementing and utilizing this model, you are going to decide how much amount of the market your business will own.

Moreover, this model does not need precise and accurate numbers from your side. You just have to make the right and approximate prediction.

Just do a little bit of research and digging and you can then decide about this market share penetration rate.

This stat will help you in identifying and hinting at your weaker competitors.

Just make efforts to make a significant market share and keep on growing your business or organization where you are working.

The Growth Model of Market Segmentation Expansion:

Another business growth model that you can pursue your organization’s success in this market segmentation expansion model.

While you work on this model, you keep an eye on whether any part of your business is underserved or not.

Besides, you hunt for the niche in your business that is not serving and performing up to the mark and you start to expand it for one more time.

This market segmentation expansion model can be applied to any product or service of yours.

You can link and relate it with any offers that you have not offered and provided to your customers previously.

Go for the New Product Development Phase:

Product Development Phase

A few business owners like to go for a new product development phase so that their business can see instant growth and a lot of success in less time.

Most importantly, in this new product development model, you opt for the product line extension strategies.

Furthermore, you go for product reformulation tactics.

This is one of the conclusive and highly result-driven models that you can implement in your organization. This model works on the aspect of product re-tooling as well.

Hence, this is an advisable way to expand and extend your business offerings and start doing some new product development at your end.

We are sure that this respective model can grow your profits and sales. You just have to be creative while following the basics of this growth model.

While you offer a new product to your customers, you have to do pre-research regarding what your customers want.

Moreover, come up with a product line that can handle and face all stiff market competition lines.

Opt for Diversification:

Want to know the best part of this business growth model, here you can check out.

If you have not heard so far about this concept and aspect of diversification, then we can surely guide you about it.

Like, if your business line is about selling food and beverages, then you can tap into some other industry as well.

It does not matter that your food and beverage business is doing immensely great and ideal. You can invest in some other industry too that is not linked with your current industry type.

You have to be very strategic while implementing this model. Besides, you should have a clear idea regarding how to diversify your service or product line.

It is important for you to choose wisely and carefully concerning which of the industries you have to invest in or target!

Just select the best and profitable industry and diversify your business seamlessly.

The Model of Mergers and Acquisitions:

There are lots of successful business unit examples out there that plan on going on having a merger or acquisition and hence increase the sale and profit prospects for their business.

You need to wisely decide and plan regarding which vendor you want to merge with or which competitor you want to acquire!

All decisions related to mergers and acquisitions have to be carefully, keenly, and wisely taken.

For acquiring any company, what you can do is to look and hunt for weaker companies.

Groom your negotiating skills and acquire the company that you are interested in. Moreover, this plan allows your business and your employees to keep on growing as well as thriving.

Once you are done with your merger, you have to remain utmost careful and fair that how you are going to integrate and work out both of your companies.

Plan on Opting and Pursuing Alternative Wholesalers and Retailers:

If your business is using a limited number of wholesalers and retail stores, then it is advised and recommended to use some other alternative wholesalers.

What you can do is to add some more retailers at your end. As an example, you can offer your customers some exclusive online shopping options.

Furthermore, you can plan out and strategize to sell your products or services directly to your customers.

With any of your wholesaler and retailer channels, you have to be great in communication with them.

Do not lose them, otherwise, you may hurt your business sales and profits with your own hands.

Make a Change and Strong Revision in Your Pricing Strategy:

To boost your business prospects, you can make revisions to your pricing strategy.

It is suggested to either increase the price rates or you can reduce the prices of your products and services.

Moreover, come up with a pricing strategy that does not upset and hurt your customers.

Communicate your pricing strategy in a way and manner that do not lose your customers.

You have to keep on giving logical and valid reasons to your customers regarding why you have increased and reduced the prices.

To communicate this message, you have to opt for a personal approach.

With the help of this strategic price reduction scheme, you can drive more of the market share for your business.

Opt for the Strategies that Your Competitors are also Following and Implementing:

Moving to more of the business growth models, it is recommended to follow the strategies that your competitors are already following.

This is what we call with the name of stealing competitor strategies!

You can keep an eye on your competitor strategies and borrow some productive growth tactics from them.

Avoid exactly copying their strategies and revise them a little bit so that your strategy can also stand out among your customers and leads.

Copying your rival strategies is not an illegal and unethical thing to do, once you make revisions in it, it will come out your own piece of work.

In addition, you just have to gain knowledge and enough understanding of your competitors’ strategies.

And after that, you can modify and revise them a little bit.

Go on Making Alliances:

Making Alliances

To see immediate and quick growth in your business, you can go on making alliances or opt for the strategy to make key partnerships.

You can look and search for those companies that are ready to make a partnership with you.

Hunt for the influential people that are set and ready to process a successful alliance with you.

This is an easy way to align your business line and also to grow your profits, sales, and revenues.

You should look for that company that needs you too!

Instead of getting in touch with industry leaders, you can seek assistance and make a partnership with new and influential people.

We are confident that this scheme will give you a win-win scenario for your business.

If you want to get further tips and suggestions on making successful partnerships and strong alliances, then keep tuned and in touch with us.

Start Differentiating Your Brand:

The last important business growth model that you can pursue is this brand differentiation model.

This model helps you in differentiating your services and products in the best way.

This differentiation can come in the form of showing the best quality in your product and offering the fastest turnaround time.

If you have developed the most advanced products, then you can show this quality as differentiation in front of your customers.


So, what’s the bottom line?

We have told you some of the basic info on business growth models, it is up to you which model you want to opt now!

Always stay tuned with us as more facts and exclusive stats on business growth models are coming sooner.


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