Dubai City – The City of Dreams!

Dubai City – The City of Dreams!
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Once the Middle East was considered the war-torn and backward part of the world, people from Western countries always avoided this area not only for visiting but also for business purposes. But now they have shown that fighting is the way to success. Now thousands of people come to this city just to see the perfect combination of natural and man-made beauties. For this growing number of visitors, the government has also underlined the tourism section as a result, the largest business has turned to tourism. Before you plan to visit this dreamland, you need to know the background of this country.

Dubai is the second largest emirate that has formed the United Arab Emirates, popularly known as the UAE. It is much better and is developed from other emirates. In the 18th century, the view of Dubai was not the same as it is now. It was just a fishing country. It was said that it was a town related to fishing. After 1833, the Al Maktoum family settled in this area, and the young Sheikh Maktoum bin Buti and his diligent leadership and hard work have redirected this village to one of the busiest coastal areas at the time. This was the beginning and the end result is ahead of the world. Desert safari deals flows primarily on oil, gas and a host of other natural resources. Everyone thinks that Dubai’s main income comes from this sector. Yes, when the primary business was natural resources, but not the country’s main business is tourism, real estate, etc., only 6% of the total income comes from natural resources.

The climate, the natural sights, the landscape have the perfect combination, and the touch of the artificial beauties has attracted tourists from all worlds. Only in the shopping event (DSF), last year, 25 million people in this country. The main attractions for travelers in Dubai are to explore the city in its entirety. The city itself is a mystery. The only seven-star hotels in the world are located in this area. The sail-like exterior has sailed the hotel and Dubai much further than any other tourist country. People love to stay on Jumeirah beach and spend all day. You can do very interesting things in this area. Like skiing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, jet skiing, you can also take a trip to the deep blue sea and explore the beauty, dive in the middle of the sea and explore the beauty underwater. The palm tree on the artificial island of Jumeirah is another attraction in Dubai. Thousands of people love to see how beautiful an artificial island can be! This island is also visible from space. Two other projects, namely the Al Jabel Palm Island and the Global Project, are also being improved.

If you think the beaches are not enough to fascinate you and fulfill your desires, go to the desert. People who have never seen deserts, for them it will be a great experience. You can enjoy camel riding, desert safaris, sand skiing and many other exciting jobs. All equipment is available in the safari club. They will give you them.

There are a large number of beautiful places in Dubai . The largest mosque, safari park, wild safaris, museums, golf clubs, etc. are the most popular among them. Dubai is said to be a golfing paradise. The worm-like climate and the large countries are much preferred for golf.

Another exciting and attractive part of visiting Dubai is shopping a lot. You will be surprised to see the cheap price on each and every one of the products. Essentially, electronic devices are the most popular. The ability to trade duty free has made these items too cheap. Gold and diamonds are very popular in this area. People, especially girls from different countries, love to buy premium gold in Dubai. You have no restrictions on having these items with you when you leave the country. So visiting Dubai is a good thing.

People come to this country not only to visit but also to live. The enormous opportunity to work in this field has led to the high exchange rate attracting skilled workers to this country. Especially mechanical and civil engineering, architecture has a large field in this field. The world’s highest quality engineers carry out their projects in Dubai. Not only are high quality jobs attracted to this country but also skilled labor is attracted by this country due to high wages. Mainly poor neighboring countries live labor.


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