Why the Client Does Not Return To Your Website

Why the Client Does Not Return To Your Website
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Did you know that you have a minute and a half to win over a potential client? This is the time that, according to statistics, a user spends on average on your page. 90 seconds essential not only so that you stay in it but so that you return and take a good feeling with you. Do you have a low user return? Would you like to increase your stats? Do you wonder why the client does not return to your website?

It is clear that having a website is much more than having visitors, it is also an image. Therefore, when we decide on the web design of our corporate website, we have to take into account many more aspects beyond the aesthetic. However, these do not have to torpedo your customers, or achieve the opposite effect: expel them from your website. You have to be very careful so that users return to your page, help you in positioning issues and in getting, if it is the case, benefit to it in one way or another.

Reasons why the customer does not return

Too much publicity. Do not abuse banners or advertising that can slow down the user’s browsing explainer animation video agency on your website? Perhaps you have wanted to make an announcement, want them to subscribe to the newsletter through a central notice on the home page … and the potential client sees your website too invasive and does not return. Watch out!

Difficulty finding the information.

You have to make things easy for those who visit the website of your professional office. If we make things complicated for them, it is normal that they do not return. Make your site a simple space, where the information is easily locatable.

Not very navigable.

Your website must above all be navigable, useful and practical. If the user experience is not satisfactory, it may happen that your potential client does not return to see it too complicated.

Incomplete or unhelpful information.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the stampede of users is that they have seen that the information is little useful or incomplete, that you give few details about your services, products and solutions, review it!

Going modern.

Do not follow the trends in web design, and even less the most strident ones. Opt for minimalist websites yes but current, visible and with good organization. Going modern on your corporate website or your professional office can lead to your client not coming back.

Badly structured.

Likewise, one of the reasons why the client does not return is because it is poorly structured and hierarchized where it is difficult to find the information or where it is distributed without any criteria.

Low loading speed.

A load of your website not only influences when your clients do not return but also when it comes to SEO positioning. A web page with low loading speed becomes very heavy and boring as well as impractical, have you checked?

Music or videos with voice.

Maybe you have managed to scare your potential client and that is why he has not returned. And it is that you never opt for web designs with a video or music as soon as you enter, they must always be turned off and the client have the option of giving it volume or not.

Outdated image.

Another handicap that your website can have is its image. It is time to opt for a modern and current design! Why have an old and outdated corporate website being able to improve your brand image with a much more modern website? Outdated websites can put your customer back.

Badly positioned.

Did you know that the design of your website can also have a positive and negative impact on your positioning? A badly positioned website, where SEO criteria have not been taken into account, can become invisible and that the client is not that he does not return, it is that he may not find it.

Whether you have a corporate website, a professional office or an online store, make the user experience something positive so that they always have a website among their favorites. This should be your goal.


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