How Do Window Blinds Function?

How Do Window Blinds Function?

There are many varieties of Calgary window blinds available each with their own designs and function. Blinds are a popular window covering options as they provide privacy and control the amount of natural light that comes into a room. They are customizable to suit any home style and décor scheme.

Well most function in the same basic manner using some form of cord and lift system, there are variations based on the type of blind you choose. Whether you want to block out the sun, or your nosy neighbors, here’s how the different types of blinds function.

Venetian Blinds

This slatted blind is one of the most common designs using louvers that run in the same direction. They are designed to operate so that with one adjustment all the louvers are changed at the same time. You have the option to have your blinds down with the slats opened or closed, or you can completely raise the entire blind to let in full light. The slats are also adjustable to have the slats facing up, down, or horizontally, allowing you to control how the light is filtered into space.

A “rod” or “wand” is used to adjust the blinds by turning it either clockwise or counterclockwise to change the direction of the slats. There is then a lift cord that allows you to raise or lower the entire blind system. The cord uses a teethed cog inside the rail to keep the blinds even and easily adjusted to the preferred angle.

Rolling Blinds

This is a popular choice available in an endless assortment of fabrics. They consist of a fabric panel running over a tube across the top of the window. When adjusted, the blind either winds up around the tube when raised or unwinds as the blind is lowered. A spring inside the tubing helps control the tautness and evenness of the blind when in operation.

These blinds do not require cords or a wand, but instead, you control it by either holding the bottom and gently pulling it down, or by tugging the closed blind to release the pin and ratchet holding it in the closed position. You can also adjust it to various positions on the window to control the amount of light in the room.

Horizontal Sheer Blinds

These blinds combine the best of both worlds. The outside panels have an endless choice of fabrics, which then enclose the fabric slats used to adjust them up or down. The slats sit between two layers of fabric providing a softer look from the interior and exterior of the home. You get the feel of drapes with the convenience of blinds. They can be raised completely or can be adjusted much like Venetian blinds to filter light and adjust for privacy.

Cordless Blinds

Cordless blinds are available in various designs. This operational style can be applied to different types of blinds, including Venetian slat styles. However, where they differ is that they operate more like a roller blind being adjusted by hand. You pull to lower them or raise the rail upwards to lift them. They are an excellent choice for homes with pets or children, as there is no risk of getting tangled in the cord.

Smart Motorized Blinds

Nothing is simpler than smart blinds which are controlled by voice, your smartphone or remote control. They come in a wide range of designs making it easy to find something suitable for your home. The best part? You can control all the blinds from anywhere in the house, ideal if you forget to shut the curtains downstairs and you’re already snug in bed!

Vertical Blinds

As the name implies these blinds have slats running vertically. They are adjusted in the same manner as traditional Venetian blinds using a cord and wand. However, you can also find them in cordless options that allow you to draw them and open them much as you would drape. They are a popular choice for larger windows as well as sliding glass or patio doors.

Cellular/Honeycomb Blinds

These blinds are here for honorable mention thanks to their unique design. They use a series of vertical honeycomb-shaped tubes as opposed to slats. The tubes expand or flatten depending on their position. This design offers superior insulating qualities in hand with various degrees of privacy based on the fabric you choose. They come in a number of styles including a wand and cord adjustment, a continuous cord, or cordless operation.

Top Down Bottom Up

This style of blind allows you to adjust the blinds not only from the bottom but also from the top. It’s an excellent option if you want to maintain privacy, yet still, let plenty of natural light filter in. You can adjust the blinds from the top down, or the bottom up – or both!

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