Top 5 Best Watches Brands in India 2020

Top 5 Best Watches Brands in India 2020

Majority of individuals or people buy non-branded watches from online or offline markets due to the lack of money or may be absence of knowledge related to the watch field at lower prices.

These are Indian watch brands which provide good looking wrist watches for men and women under any segment and they commonly start from above 500 rupees to upto 20000 rupees in the Indian market. 

However basically in this article where we will be covering all the problems which faces lots of people while buying a new watch.

I have also faced many problems when buying a new watch.

This is a blog post which is really helpful for those of people that want to buy a wrist watch for themselves. 

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy that time and I’m bringing a fresh new article about Top 5 Best watches brands in India and also we will be talking regarding brands watch brands,  and you should consider these watch brands which come with lots of features as well as benefits. 

This article could be long because we provide complete information about their watch brands. 

Let’s get started,  

Here is a list of the best watches brands which offer value for money watches in India and some of the companies from India.

¤ The Benefits of these watch brands – 

¤ Overall all brands are Indian and may be less expensive than other watches.

¤ They provide stainless steel material at the side of the case or band material which is never easy to bind and rust. 

¤ All the watch brands which provide better water resistance.

¤ It provides a leather band that is very comfortable for a longer time.

¤ They come with a date and day system.

¤ It has different – different collection for weddings, ladies , gifts etc.

Titan – 

It is an Indian watch brands which offers a watches for men and womens and also they provide fashion accessory like a 

This company was founded in 1984 by Mr N Muruganandam And headquarters in Bangalore India.

It has sub-brands such as Sonata, Fastrack, and Tanishq etc. That is the best selling in India.

If you are looking for a watch then you should go along with this brand which offers the best quality watches in India for men and women.

They are providing watches through an offline 9and online market and you can easily buy watches from both of them. But may be different in the prices from offline or online markets. My suggestion that, first check out the prices in the offline or online market and then buy a perfect watch.

Sonata –

The sonata is a sub-brand of Titan company and also provides best collections for men and womens. It is also an Indian watch brand which brings good quality watches at an affordable price. 

Fastrack – 

It was started in 1998 and sub – Brand of Titan company. They also provide various fashion accessories such as sunglasses,  bags , belts, and perfumes etc.

Chumbak – 

It is an Indian watch brand from the Bangalore region and the chumbak word is taken from Sanskrit language. They allow various accessories like women ‘s clothing , home and decor,  gifts etc.

Dressberry – 

The dressberry is a watch brand from Uttar Pradesh (India). And They come with a wide range for ladies. It provides the best ladies watch at a lower price so that anyone can buy watches. 

These are the top Indian watch brands which we talked about here, also we discussed them.

Note: All the below questions which most asked by the users and taken from google search queries. 

FAQ – (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Which watch brand is best in India?

Ans. We already mention about best Indian watch brands such as , 

Titan , sonata,  fastrack,  Dressberry and chumbak etc.

These are the best Indian watch brands which bring the best watch collections for mens and women.

Q. Is Fossil an Indian brand ?

Ans.  Most people think that the fossil is a Indian brand when I researched this particular topic.

If you like this, then you are thinking about it because the fossil is an international watch brand and it is more popular due to its design,  build quality and many other things which makes differ from others in the watches market. I hope you misscioustion is clear right now which we talked above here,

Q. Which is the world’s slimmest watch?

Ans. The world’s first slimmest watch launched by a titan company whose thickness is 4.4 mm. According  to the statement of Titan copany. It is a good thing for Indian watch brands that made the world slimmest watch ever in history.

Conclusion – I hope you like this post where we talked about Top 5 Watches brands in India and also some of the important information related to their blog post.



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