Noisy Condo Neighbours? Here Are Your Options

Noisy Condo Neighbours? Here Are Your Options

You moved into your condo with excitement, ready to settle into your new space and start the next chapter of your life. You expected it to be a bit of an adjustment. But what you didn’t expect were noisy condo neighbors.

If you can relate, you’ve likely experienced a lot of frustration. You’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time wondering how to approach the situation and convince your neighbors to be more respectful.

The majority of homeowners who are living with loud neighbors in condo settings have questions, including:

  • What are the appropriate actions to take?
  • Is there a formal process for noise complaints?
  • What legal actions, fines, or other penalties are noisy condo neighbors subject to?

In today’s post, we’ll be addressing these questions from a condo management perspective and providing some clarity for curious tenants on how to handle condo noise.

First Steps

Before becoming irritated and contacting your condo management company about a neighbor, there are some preliminary steps that must be taken.

These steps include:

  1. Determining what your municipal bylaws are regarding noise. (In Edmonton and Calgary, for example, excessive noise is prohibited between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am.)
  2. Speaking with your neighbor in a calm, respectful manner regarding their noise and asking them to be more considerate of their fellow tenants.
  3. Document when the noise disturbances are occurring and for how long. Record the incident with your cell phone if possible.

What to Do After You’ve Spoken With Your Noisy Condo Neighbours

If you have attempted to reason with your neighbors and they have not adjusted their behavior, you can submit a formal written complaint to your condo management team. Be sure to include any information or recordings you have regarding the disturbances that have occurred.

At this point, your condo management company will initiate its grievance process. This could include:

  • Sending a written warning to the noisy tenant.
  • Fining the tenant (if possible in accordance with the Condominium Act)
  • Organizing a mediation meeting to reach a peaceful resolution.

What to Do When Your Neighbours Still Refuse to Abide By Condominium Noise Rules

This is where you may have to take matters into your own hands. Unfortunately, condo management companies only have so many options when it comes to resolving noise complaints. In many cases, it is difficult to even enforce fines, depending on bylaws and other factors.

When you have exhausted all means with your condo management team, the next logical step is to contact the police. If your noisy condo neighbors are violating your city noise bylaws, you can call the police and ask them to visit the residence to speak with your neighbor. This will likely result in a fine.

In many cases, a fine from the police will curb unwanted behavior. But if not, you’ll want to continue documenting or recording the disturbances. From there, it may be advisable to hire a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to help you navigate the next steps, including filing a lawsuit if you have gathered enough evidence to prove there has been a substantial nuisance that impacts the quality of life.

Final Thoughts for Alberta Condo Owners

It is important to remember that all tenants have the right to enjoy their condo units however they see fit. Some of your neighbors may work unusual hours and watch TV late at night. Others may prefer to listen to music in the morning or have children who get a little rambunctious while playing.

These lifestyle differences do not necessarily equate to a violation of condominium noise rules. When living within close proximity to others, a certain level of noise disturbance is to be expected. Not every complaint will be enforceable, even if you feel the noise is an inconvenience or disrespectful.

When you experience condo noise you’ll need to be cognizant of these facts and be prepared to be patient. Sometimes resolutions take time to reach and the process may not always work out in your favor.

Our best advice? Try to create cordial and respectful relationships with your fellow tenants and be open to accommodating the requests of others, should they be presented.

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