Top 4 Press Release Distribution Service

Have you already got confused in choosing the best press release distribution service for your business or organization? Are you looking for the best and affordable press release service that suits all your business needs and budget? No need to worry about it anymore, because I am providing you a list of best press release distribution services of 2020 that suits your budget and requirement.

So, before we talk about the list, we should know that what is press release distribution?

Press release distribution is a method using which you put your product, services in front of the targeted audience. It is the most strategic and simplest promotional method to present business to your audience. Press release distribution involves many social media platforms, bloggers, journalists, and a number of ways to get maximum exposure of your business and optimize overall performance. So, it is very essential for your business to choose the right and suitable service that can get you maximum exposure. So, how do you know which one is best for you? I have listed below the top 4 press release distribution services:

  1. PR Distribution™

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I think PR Distribution is the best press release distribution provider in the market for any kind of business whether it is a small business or large business. PR Distribution offers a package that suits both (large and small) business. With the help of PR Distribution, you can publish your press release on premium news outlets such as FOX, ABC, and CBS. This gives you maximum exposure of your business to your targeted audience even on a low budget or no cost.


  • Their plan starts from only $49.
  • They publish your press release on an international level.
  • They are providing an unlimited word count press release writing facility.
  • Also offers free analytics.
  • They offer video, audio, and photo embedding.
  • There is a wide range of plans you can choose from.


  1. PR Newswire

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PR Newswire is another great option for the business who are looking for a targeted audience. They distribute your press release on target media outlets or journalists as they have already got a very large database.


  • Their plan starts with a price of $350.
  • They publish your press release on media outlets like Buzzfeed, ABC News, New York Times, and thus make sure to get your business maximum exposure.
  • They also focussed only on the targeted audience.
  • They provide you progressive report.


  1. eReleases

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eReleases press release service is designed for small business. They provide your maximum exposure with affordable pricing. eReleases also write a press releases at some extra cost.


eRelease starting is $299.

  • They have over 5000 media outlets and a database.
  • They can provide you a wide range of audiences.
  • They offer to proofread.
  • They also offer you a performance report on regular interval of time.


  1. PR Underground

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PR Underground is another good press release distribution service and it can distribute your press release to 80+ media outlets including FOX and CBS. So, if you are a small business and want to get a large audience then PR Underground is the best service for you.


  • Their starting plan is $49.99 but only one post.
  • Their $129 plan includes coverage up to 375 media sites such as ABC, FOX, CBC, and NBC
  • Also, offer SEO Optimization.



So, it is very important to select the right press release distribution service for any business and organization. Choose the ideal provider that suits your business needs and budget. After reviewing, we have concluded that PR Distribution is the best provider of press release distribution.


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