Sublimation Course – Learning Transfer has never been easier

Sublimation Course – Learning Transfer has never been easier
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Sublimation Course

For you who have an entrepreneurial vein, and are looking for a sublimation course. It was in this moment that the sublimation of products made me believe that I could have an extra source of income.

Example of sublimated Evangelical T-shirt

Limited because I hadn’t seen how much that had potential to become a highly profitable business. If you already work or have interest on working on the sublimation market of fabric, t-shirts, mugs and products in general, this could be the most important article of your life. But before we indicate sublimation courses, let’s start from the beginning…

The Sublimation Market

The sublimation process consists of, in a highly technical (but relatively easy) way, transferring to surfaces such as fabrics, porcelain mugs and ceramics, an image created by yourself or a client.

The process, as already mentioned, is technical but simple: through a thermal press, the image which was created with an ink called sublimation ink, which is on a paper, is “pressed” onto the target surface. After that, a resin is inserted over the image to protect its colors and strokes from washing.

Nowadays it is very common to perform sublimation on fabrics such as T-shirts and porcelain mugs, but creativity and focus on highly profitable segments is one of the secrets to profit in this market.

Opportunities for Business and Sublimation Companies

As said before, focus and specialization on specific segments can be an important step in the success of your sublimation business. Imagine a school that will graduate from all third level classes.

It will be more than 200 students crazy to have a T-shirt to keep as a souvenir. To close a single sale for this class is to generate more than 200 sales of T-shirts, with the same pattern.

The same thing can happen at weddings, bachelor parties or 15 years old party. A single sale can generate tens or even hundreds of t-shirts, blouses or similar.

The profit power goes even further when the focus starts to be carnival type events, where the sublimation professional ends up selling literally thousands of t-shirts in a single month.

But is it only big sublimation companies that close these types of business? Of course not! You can ask any friend or acquaintance of yours “what is the best sublimation company on the market? Nobody will know the answer.

To close these partnerships you just have to be “findable” (the internet is fundamental for this), have contacts and above all have a great service and attention, to be always indicated!

Custom T-Shirts

Through sublimation machines it is possible to create several custom t-shirts. The most profitable focus are events and parties, where it is possible to sell in large quantities.

Clubs and fan clubs are groups that search for quality custom t-shirts, with photos and phrases on the front and back. However, exclusive t-shirts as for example for a couple of grooms, is a very specific niche that can be successful.

Fabrics in General

Flags for fan clubs, graduations or even fans. The possibilities are endless, just be creative. The problem is that many people believe that the focus is only mugs or T-shirts and end up not making much profit in little explored markets.

Personalized mugs

For a long time, custom mugs were only gifts for events. Nowadays, besides producing mugs for events, it is possible to sell them to passionate couples, fan clubs or even artists and channels on Youtube who like to resell the products to their followers.

How to work with sublimation?

The tip I have to give to those who really want to profit high with sublimation of t-shirts, mugs and products in general. Specialize and deliver a great service.

To deliver the products on time is fundamental. For this, you will often have to work weekends and hours in the evenings. But it’s worth every penny because most of the time the profits are super interesting.

In order to specialize it is necessary to take courses. Only then you will not be one more in the crowd. It is fundamental to specialize, practicing and doing a good sublimation course, in relatively competitive markets like this.


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