Are You Ready to Buy a House? Learn The Pro Tips

Are You Ready to Buy a House? Learn The Pro Tips

The article describes in detail information about finding a primary and secondary residential building, what you need to know when buying a house, which package of documents to check before purchasing, and what questions to ask when buying a house.

How to buy a house and not fall for the tricks of scammers, you will learn below. Do you want to move to a new home? Then, in the selection process, you need to be prepared for a long search or an overpriced house. Do not despair! Your wish is absolutely possible. To do this, you need to draw up a plan of action and follow it carefully. So, let’s begin!

Where to look for housing to purchase

This is the main and most important question that must be answered before buying. The point is not in the geographical location of real estate, but in what to buy: a brand new country house that the developer is constructing “for you”, or to acquire the so-called “secondary housing”. Resale properties are apartments with legal history, that is, one or more owners.

Primary houses The structure erected by the construction company does not yet have a legal history, which means that the person will be the first owner. You can buy it at the lowest cost, but only during the construction process, which lasts an indefinite period of time. How to choose a real estate agency? By purchasing a country house, which is still under construction, the owner does not move in immediately, but after several years. There are construction companies that require a deposit, after which they disappear, while others use cheap building materials at the price of expensive ones. In order not to fall for the tricks of scammers, it is necessary to give preference to well-known developers with a large number of real positive reviews about their work.

Secondary housing The peculiarity of acquiring a home that now belongs to someone is scrupulous control of documentation. The purchased housing should not be in the mortgage of the bank, be taken out in a mortgage, be rented, and should not have other burdensome factors. Buying a house: step by step instructions Buying a new home is both exciting and challenging. All processes and actions must be balanced and deliberate. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with all offers in order to reduce the chance of fraud and not purchase both legally and physically problematic housing. How to buy a house correctly, we will consider below.

How to buy a house: Stage 1. Determining the area and studying the price

The selection of the geographical location of a new house is an individual matter. Some people, when choosing an area, are guided by the fact that there is a school, kindergarten, shopping center, public transport route nearby. Others are looking for a house that will help to replace the bustle of the city with silence and remoteness, while others are looking for housing in order to launch their own business. Aspects of the selection of the area are different, however, it is necessary to assess and analyze the proposals in the areas of interest to the buyer in full.

Stage 2. Search ad

You can find an advertisement on an Internet board where advertisements about real estate are posted by homeowners and agencies. It is preferable to choose ads from individuals, as the agency takes a percentage for the work. As a result, the agent will receive part of the funds that you pay for housing. You need to focus your own attention on offers with an average cost. Attractive affordable options can have a dilapidated structure, a remote site, paperwork difficulties, or a bad history. Do not hesitate to call an ad that offers an expensive home option. If the owner sells the house, it is possible that he will agree to reduce the price and the buyer will be able to purchase at the price he expected.

Stage 3. View options. What to look for when buying a house


Viewing the options you like is an important step in buying a home. When visiting the site, you need to pay attention to all sorts of details, go around the whole building and look into every corner. Analyze how the structure is prepared for viewing, touch the walls, inspect the building externally. It is necessary to inquire about all the technical factors: what is the base, roof, walls made of, make sure that all structures located on this site are included in the project and formalized in accordance with the law. In addition, you should ask the owners about the cons of the building, the circumstances of the sale. Cons – this is the main point that you need to pay attention to when choosing a house. Since the new owner of the house is unlikely to be happy with an unpleasant surprise after the move.

Stage 4. Documentation check Placing an advertisement for the sale of a house means that the documentation for the real estate from the owner has already been collected and is ready to conclude a transaction. However, in reality, this is not always the case. Often the sale of housing and the preparation of the necessary documents are carried out simultaneously. In order not to encounter problems and errors in papers, fake certificates and statements, the papers must be carefully checked. When buying a house, it is recommended to involve professional specialists who systematically work with such documents in the inspection. It is more expedient to pay for the services of an expert than to rely on the seller’s diligence.

Stage 5. Make a deal

Closing a deal is an important process for both buyer and seller. Of fundamental importance is the execution of the sales contract, familiarity with all of its subparagraphs. It is recommended that you show the agreement to a lawyer before signing such a document. The transaction is completed in the presence of a government registrar. Under him, the transfer of money is carried out to eliminate any further misunderstandings.

Characteristic features of purchasing a house for maternity capital is a national program aimed at improving the well-being of families in the Russian Federation in which a second child is born. They are issued a certificate for almost half a million rubles. As a rule, many people use it to improve their living conditions. It is impossible to buy a house for this amount, but it can be used as a down payment when purchasing a house on credit.

This is a great way to buy a house if you have no money. The issuance of maternity capital is carried out in order to improve the living conditions of families when a second child is born. It should be noted that not all sellers of dwellings that have submitted advertisements for sale are happy to conclude a transaction using maternity capital. The pension fund does not transfer money to the seller immediately, but only after it considers and approves the transaction. Another characteristic feature of acquiring a home from the resources of maternity capital is the presence of strict conditions for those purchased from the structure. House wear should not exceed 50%.

How to properly inspect the house

It is recommended to take an experienced construction specialist who has an accurate understanding of how a solid high-quality house should look like to inspect the property you are interested in. For this purpose, an employee of a real estate company or an appraiser who knows how to choose a private house will also fit. It is necessary to ask questions when buying a house, to check with the owner the year the house was built, the time of residence in it, as well as the number of owners.


There is no ideal building material for building a building. Wood, foam block, stone, shell rock, brick, sip-panel – each of these building materials has its own shrinkage time, durability, thermal insulation properties. It is necessary to inspect the thickness, condition of the walls, make sure there is no dampness and mold.


In the case of poor fastening of the foundation and its absence, large cracks may occur, which lead to further distortion of the house. Cracks on the façade are a warning sign that the foundation is not properly designed. If there is a basement, you must also look at it to make sure there is no water, fungus and dampness.

Roof and attic

When inspecting a home, you must also be interested in the roof. The material with which the roof is covered and its condition is of significant importance. It is necessary to make sure that the supporting structure of the roof is stable and that it can withstand a large amount of snow, as well as whether it has waterproofing and insulation.

Heating system

The most economical heating is gas. If the dwelling is purchased in a non-gasified area, the heating system can be an electric, stove, or from a boiler that works with solid fuel. In order to calculate how much is needed to heat a new house, you need to ask the owner for a receipt for paying for housing and communal services in winter.

Water supply and heating input system

In the absence of a connection to the centralized water supply, wells or wells are used for liquid intake. It is recommended to carry out a water intake for examination in order to ensure its safety. A gas water heater, an electric, storage or instantaneous water heater is used to heat a liquid in a private house.


When examining, you need to focus on outbuildings. They should be included in the site design and technical certification of the facility. It is worth inspecting them: determine the area of ​​the site, its shape, the correct location of the septic tank, which meets all sanitary standards, has an irrigation system or the possibility of installing it, the relief of the yard.

What documentation needs to be checked before buying a home?

Any error in the papers or their absence can turn into a large lump of problems, ranging from the difficulty in re-registering for a new owner and ending with the risk of acquiring a home with a burden.

In order not to become a victim of a scam and not to meet illegal factors in the form of challenging the rights to purchased housing from a third party, it is necessary to send a thorough check of the documentation of the object of interest.

Let’s get acquainted with the basic documents that the owner of the property being offered for sale must-have.

Building permit

The building permit proves that the design documents comply with the requirements of the town planning department of the municipality. This act is issued when buying a plot for construction. It is transferred to the next right holder of the area without re-registration, if the deadline set therein, allotted for the construction, has not expired.

Certificate for real estate and land

The owner must provide the buyer with proof of ownership of the home and land. These papers provide the ability to manage it. If we talk about the sale of a structure that is not owned by the seller, but by his close relative, then he must have a notarized power of attorney confirming that he is acting on behalf of the person whose data is indicated in the extract from the USRN.

Documents on the number of registered residents

The ideal option for buying a house as if no one is registered in it, or only the owner and his family are registered. It often happens that distant relatives, children under the age of 18, or completely unauthorized persons are registered in the building, who need to be found in order for them to be discharged, or to go through the procedure for their discharge through the court. The process takes a certain amount of time and postpones the purchase and sale transaction.

Agreement for implementation from the co-owner (if the property is in the share) All co-owners must give their consent to the sale of the shared property, otherwise, the conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement is impossible. If one of the co-owners of real estate does not live in it or is located in another country, the person selling the property can carry out the transaction according to a notarized document from the co-owner.


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