Best 11 Slot Machine Apps in 2020

Best 11 Slot Machine Apps in 2020

Playing the 11  best slot machine apps for Android is a wonderful way to have fun. Join the Platika family and test your skills in poker, bingo, Satta Matka and slots. Play anytime and earn bonus points (coins in fashion glitter) while playing for free and having a sensible time.

The Seven Best Apps for the iPad is a fun way to spend time. Platica offers to play Caesar Slots for free. Unlock the world of online gaming through realistic graphic design, and easily indulge in slot games.

1. Zitobox

Zitobox is the best free slots app. Zitobox is a nice brand of fresh slot games that lets you to earn loyal points via playing the favorite games. You can now create your account and earn Shito Loyalty Points by playing “Zitobox” games and exchange them for top brand gift cards. zitobox has 2 competitors they are slotomania and chumba casino.

How to collect Coins and Virtual Loyalty Points

ZitoBox has generated Zito Points to give players the benefits of expanding the zitobox app. Naturally, this wealth that the extra time you spend playing on the app, the more Zito Points you can earn. In addition to just being present to play, you get the benefits of playing regularly. If you want to post your Facebook account’s progress, play for a long time, or try out game offers, you can collect these points even faster.

Once you have earned enough points, look at the various gift cards that will be offered to you, and select the ones you would like to purchase. If you prefer to shop online, you can choose between standard gift cards and e-gift cards. Brands you can expect to choose from including Los Angeles, eBay, GPSN, and TGI Friday. There are travel gift cards, merchandise, restaurants, and more. According to the ZitoBox Facebook page, players have already asked for more than $ 2 million in prize money.

The second currency in ZitoBox is coins. These are great for most gamers as they are designed for use in the game. ZitoBox describes them as virtual dots, which can be used to buy virtual items in games or use them as virtual coins.

Coins can be thought of as fuel for your ZitoBox experience, as well as miles on the way to your destination: free gift cards and other prizes!


2. Slotomania

Rotate the slot, watch the flow of wild cards. The trick in the game is to unlock progressive points as you go. And If you are blessed, coins will be collected in your favor. The screen is attractive, and the interface is easy to manage. See how your $ 2 million meters grow as you spin for victory.

The game really looks real. You will see betting, rotation, winning points, and jackpot. The game offers bonuses and free spins. Every win gives players a steady break. The music is very subtle, and the Five Kinds build the money you need to succeed in the sport. Free, and you can play as long as you hope.


3. Caesars Slots

This slot machine app is not just your usual game. It is colorful and attractive. The graphics are great, and the board rests on your fingertips. The play is uniquely realistic; it’s like being on the casino deck. The ringing of bells, whistles, and slots continues to entertain the players. Recent software makes this Android app further fun.


4. Zeus the Goddess

This slot machine app is not just your usual game. It is colorful and attractive. The graphics are great, and the board rests on your fingertips. The play is uniquely realistic; it’s like being on the casino deck. The ringing of bells, whistles, and slots continues to entertain the players.


5. World Series of Poker

There are a few more popular online games than The World Series of Poker. This game has all the highlights of a real deal. If you like poker, you will enjoy world-class poker. You will focus on this game by adding bold cards and letters to the uppercase letters. Payments are made by bet. Play this game and watch your luck rise or fall.


6. Casino Joy Slots Myth

Casino Joy is just a casual slot game. It gives you a lot of money in the game to play in the beginning. It helps you to play for a long time before you need a refill. It has a lot of features similar to another slot games on Android in other ways. It includes numerous machines to play with, the potential for huge payouts and up to 40 rows of slots. It’s a bit of a slot game, but it’s probably the greatest thing about it. The Google Play reviews are usually positive, and the game does not look like a free game model dominated by many of its competitors. It should be good as a timekeeper.


7. Vegas 777 Words

Create a large vocabulary with “Vegas 777 words”. Make a play on words more spectacular by completing levels, earning stars for your efforts. And The rewards are fun as the ability to complete those challenges strengthens your place. High.

8. Hana slots games

Hannah Games is a developer of Google Play with a few basic locations for Android. Each variant has its own theme, but most of them work the same way. Themes include Greek gods, Egypt, seabed, Aladdin, and a few others. The slot is simple to make, and the mechanics are very easy to understand. These games often fall into the corrupt habit of repaying less than it costs to rotate, so you will soon be out of play. Bonuses allow you to play for a while, but if you are not really lucky, you will soon get stuck in this game. They are fun to play with for a week or two because we see it as fun.


9. Poker Heat

Okay. Sit down to a high-end poker game with Poker Heat at any time. Play with the top and think of manually as a greatly poker player. Who knows? It can happen if you have a desire to be a poker king. The Poker Heat will give you adequate training. You have a distributor, four others, and you have the talent and the luck of the draw in this sport. Watch as the chips roll to your side as you win a hand.


This game gives you all the poker you need to play, bend, draw, test, and make calls. You can invite players to the game. The game uses different skill levels. This game {poker heat} is an excellent opportunity to learn to play poker, and it will entertain you and your friends. If you love casino poker and are confused while watching a poker game on the casino grounds, Poker Heat will help you learn to play the game.

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10. HUUUGE Global

“HUUUGE Global” is a sports studio that plays a variety of casino styles. Of course, it includes slot games. They will all be free to play, so you will get a familiar track on the mechanics. Most of these require coins to play, and you will always get new coins to play with. The good thing about this choice is that the mechanism varies according to the game. If you do not like one, you can always try a different one. Although they have reasonable problems, they are highly valued.


 11. Super Double Jewels

Spend the evening with no reason to run miles or fight traffic, grab the phone, and start playing. Whatever the weather or time of day. Enjoy a fun game of realistic slot machine game with Super Double Jewelers.

Get rewards for playing these games and fill your game with fun gold coins. A new game display on the social game network for the gratification of the Android app customers. Games are simple and give players a fun time.






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