What is Casper Tempered Glass and How to install on Cell Phones?

What is Casper Tempered Glass and How to install on Cell Phones?
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Almost all smartphones need a screen protector, as many of you may have experienced damage or scratches on your cell phone screen. Damage to mobile phone screen is the second most expensive item to be replaced on your phone. Tempered glass is used to protect your mobile phone screen from scratches and other damage.

There are many types of tempered glass online, but not all are safe and protective. Maya Cellular Parts offers Casper Premium tempered glass for iPhones, iPads, Google Pixels and Samsung phones. This Casper tempered glass is five times stronger than normal tempered glass in mobile phones.

Casper tempered glass has:
Heat resistant: it protects your phone from heat damage.

Thickness: – It is 0.3 mm thick and is also in great demand all over the world.

Oleophobic coating: – Oleophobic coating also has a slightly smooth feeling, which makes our glass feel smooth to the touch.

Ultra Fine HD Clarity: This Casper glass gives you transparency in HD clarity.

We manufacture the best shockproof, bubble-free and waterproof screen protectors for mobile phones. It is made of precision machined and durable materials. Protects your screen from daily scratches, dust, dirt and common signs of wear.

There are 3 types of Casper tempered glass:

Transparent series: all the protection you need in perfectly transparent glass. You will not even notice that it is there.

Privacy Series: Protect your screen and protect your privacy with the power of the best tempered glass.

The Matte Series – If you love the outdoors and the sun is always on your phone, this is for you. Remove the extra glare from your phone screen with this premium frosted tempered glass.

Casper’s premium tempered glass focuses on providing first-class protection so that your devices are always protected. All our CASPER products come with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Fantastic quality is now in a premium fully adhesive tempered glass designed to cover edge to edge instead of the usual tempered glass with a single edge. We have added all the necessary tools for a perfect installation and we know you will love this tempered glass as much as we do.

Each package includes:

Wet and dry cloths: – Used to remove excess dirt from the screen of the mobile phone.

Guided stickers: – Attach the “guide stickers” to the side of the screen protector and around the device so that the stickers act as a hinge.

Microfiber cloth: – Clean the non-stick side of the screen protector with a microfiber cloth.

Scraper: The rubber scraper is used to remove the air bubble from Casper tempered glass during installation. Slide the squeegee toward the edge of the screen protector.

Adjustment shape: – With the adjustment shape you can align the Casper glass correctly.

Here are the steps for installing Casper screen protector in tempered glass:
Clean the screen of the unit with the wet and dry cloths followed by the microfiber cloth. Finally, use the dust removal label to remove the fine dust particles left on the screen.
Place the alignment mold on the Samsung device. The adjustment shape has a symbol written over the top to help with the correct direction.
Start the installation of Casper tempered glass from scratch. The top of the tempered glass should rest on the two tabs at the top.
Use the squeegee to push the temper down and up until you hear a click. Do not be afraid to press hard on the tempered glass. The glass creates a curve when it is held firmly from the bottom up. This is normal.
The installation is now complete. Now your device has the best protection on the market.


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