How To Migrate Magento to BigCommerce: Complete Guide

How To Migrate Magento to BigCommerce: Complete Guide
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Magento and BigCommerce both are the two top available and most preferable e-commerce platforms for creating an online store. Magento also has great features, high flexibility, and great community support. The solution of re-platforming arises when the requirements of a business owner are increases which is suitable for BigCommerce.

All features and benefits provided by BigCommerce attract more business owners to migrate. Ecommerce Business owners find BigCommerce suitable for managing the business when scaling up, as it gets difficult in magneto.

Magento consumes more time and money while handling the web hosting, website design, security on the other hand BigCommerce benefits in Saving for a rainy day saves time, money and resolves issues that arise in magneto. For migration data and functionalities are transferred from magento to BigCommerce. To overcome the shortcomings arising in business and to get the benefits of extra features provided in BigCommerce the step of migration is taken.

Firstly, before migration, there is a need to understand the differences between Magento and BigCommerce and what changes it will bring in business.

Why Choose BigCommerce Over Magento?

There are various reasons why to choose BigCommerce over Magento:

  • BigCommerce provides a platform for easily building up the online business store, there is no need to start from zero as happens in Magento.
  • BigCommerce helps in attracting more visitors for purchasing from an online store, which will increase the conversion rate.
  • Customization of web design options with Application Programming Interface is also provided in BigCommerce. Web designers can easily customize web design as per the requirements.
  • Integration with third-party apps is not a complicated process in BigCommerce and it requires minimal coding.
  • BigCommerce cuts the expenses you have to face with Magento while handling web hosting, website design, security.
  • DDOS (distributed denial of service) is used for protection from fraud and gets integrated with PCI compliance (payment card industry) in
  • BigCommerce raises the customer experience with seamless integration.
  • With BigCommerce there is not any need to purchase an extra server as it is cloud-based and high in scalability.

Need Of Magento To BigCommerce Migration?

When the client starts facing trouble and feels the requirements of other features available with BigCommerce that time there is a need for migration from Magento to BigCommerce.

  • Shortage of marketing tools in Magento that is required for the business.
  • With Magento Client lacked IT tech support to regularly maintain the server.
  • Lack of local payment extension.
  • The speed of Magento is lesser than BigCommerce.
  • Magento maintenance cost is much more than BigCommerce.

Benefits Of Magento To BigCommerce Migration

  • It’s uncomplicated to use the Admin panel in BigCommerce. Admin Panel is a premium admin dashboard template with a flat design concept.
  • UI design which is fully responsive in BigCommerce improves the experience of the user.
  • More Sales and revenue can easily be generated with BigCommerce built-in marketing tools.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) is more effective in BigCommerce than in Magento.
  • Different local payment options can be effectively used with BigCommerce.

Steps To Migrate From Magento To BigCommerce

LitExtension migration solution is not a complicated process for migrating from Magento to BigCommerce. LitExtension automatically migrates data like customers, products, orders to BigCommerce. Let’s have a look at the steps followed while migrating the online store from Magento to BigCommerce.


●    Create A LitExtension Account

For migration first step is creating a LitExtension account by signing up. Facebook, google existing account can be easily used for sign up.

  • Create A New Migration

After creating a LitExtension account now the step is creating a new migration.

The migration option is selected from the right option on the screen. After this source cart type name is to be selected by providing the source cart URL.
After this, there is a need to click on download LitExtension connector. Unzip the zip file and upload it to the store’s root. Checking the connector installation will be automatically done for the connection of the root store.

  • Enter BigCommerce Store Information

In the target cart setup, some information is needed to be filled in.   Selection of target cart type is done that is BigCommerce. The target cart URL needs to be filled in. API path and API token need to be filled. Client ID/ username is to be provided.
A click is to be done on the option of configuring your migration.

  • Select Entities You Want To Migrate

Entities to migrate is to be selected from the configuration. Entities will be of a different type in a product like a review, taxes, manufacturers, categories, and in order from customers. Selection of all entities is also given in the options.

An additional option includes various option given below:-

  • Migrate recent data (adds new entities only).
  • Clear current data on target store before migration.
  • Ignore migrate image to target store.
  • Preserve product IDs on the Target store.
  • Preserve customer IDs on the Target store.
  • Preserve order IDs on the Target store.
  • Strip HTML from the category, product names, and description.
  • Migrate customer’s passwords.
  • With LitExtension additional option helps in the migration and makes it an easy process.

Magento Vs Bigcommerce Stats.

Magento Vs Bigcommerce Stats.

According to Google Trends Magento has been steadily declining, while BigCommerce is slowly gaining popularity

How To Calculate Magento To Bigcommerce Migration Cost?

Cost for the magento to bigcommerce migration depends upon these factors:


  • Number of products
  • Number of customers
  • Number of orders

Perform Migration from Magento to BigCommerce

Demo option and full migration option is also provided by BigCommerce.

  • Try Demo Option

The free demo option is the same as the full migration option but only a selected number of entities are given in the free demo. This demo option is depending on the client’s wish. they could directly click on the skip demo migration button for a full migration.

  • Full Migration

The full migration option is selected after the click on skip demo migration. After completion of full migration, the client will get an email regarding the completion of the LitExtension system. The data will be transferred to the BigCommerce eCommerce platform for the online store.


Migrating to a new best available option for managing the scaling-up online business requirements. BigCommerce is the right option for migration from Magento as it is perfectly matched with the unique needs of business, budget, and generate revenue with boosting growth.

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