Corporate Videos On Instagram: How To Take Advantage Of The Social Of The Moment

Corporate Videos On Instagram: How To Take Advantage Of The Social Of The Moment
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Currently, Instagram is the most used social network after Facebook, which is actually losing faster and faster percentages of users who move to the competing platform. In fact, Instagram appears to be the most influential social network from a visual point of view and for this reason, it is very effective when it comes to publishing corporate or promotional videos.

Riding this wave is the most optimizing solution in the field of web marketing. It has been proven by now that approximately 400 million people use it every day; 320 million of these, at least once a day, search and view a company page and watch the stories or company videos proposed. This would have a significant impact on brand promotion and increased engagement. So to stay up to date it is necessary to use this social network in a conscious way, following some steps.

1. Choose the type of marketing for your corporate video

Choosing the strategy that can be successful is essential: you need to focus on the primary message you want to convey through your corporate video. It starts with brainstorming and then comes to realize the ideas useful for the realization of this goal.

Having overcome this obstacle, it is necessary to understand which type and format of video to use: whether to choose explanatory, testimonial, promotional or company culture videos.

2. Verify that the corporate video idea is compatible with the Instagram format

We said in the previous paragraph that the choice of the type of video to use is important, but each video needs a different structure and composition. It must be borne in mind that Instagram has a video length range that defines the limit of seconds to be respected:

  • Instagram video: 1 minute
  • Instagram Stories: 15 seconds
  • IGTV: up to 60 minutes

Once you know these details, you decide how to set up a video, which content to use, which unnecessary parts to cut and how long to make it last. Based on the importance you want to give to the corporate video production in Dubai and the chosen target, you choose the best way. Stories reflect more immediate content and need to be engaging as they need to grab attention. While corporate videos published via posts, being longer, can afford to be more complex and detailed.

3. Make your corporate video viral

The virality not chooses nor program. It simply reflects a limited phase of unknown duration, so when the time comes you have to make the most of it. The only real goal to be set is to analyze the response of the audience and then create the contents based on their reactions.

When making a video for your company it is necessary to remember that it is done to increase engagement, which depends solely and exclusively on the public. It is for this reason that it is essential to create interesting and effective content. Following the needs and interests of your audience will bring results right away.

4. Be consistent in publication

The frequency of publication of posts must be constant but not continuous, as the public may misunderstand and consider these publications as negative spam. What is usually recommended is one content per day, at least four times a week, therefore in a moderate way.

It is not easy to meet these deadlines because you always have to have ideas for the various contents. This is why it is useful to take advantage of simple and linear corporate videos during the various holidays, suitable only for general greetings, an index of special consideration of your audience.

5. Experiment with different corporate video is always the strategy miles per hour

As previously written, you should always have a thousand ideas for the various contents, but until they are tested, you will never know the final response of the public and their reaction. The variables are infinite and, despite the various previous technical analyzes, the result could be surprising because it was not expected or otherwise expected.

The solution is to make these corporate videos and test them from time to time, collecting more and more data and observing the trend of the public. This will help to better understand the general point of view and what customers actually value. The risk is always implicit in the business reality, so we must have the courage to take it.

Testing content, proposing it, having to update it or even create one from scratch only leads to more and more creative ideas and an even deeper knowledge of the field. This will lead to a more intuitive and immediate choice of content. The concept of storytelling is fundamental, we must always go in search of the creation of images, videos and stories capable of arousing an emotional reaction.


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