6 Amazing Benefits of Buying Eco Friendly Bags

6 Amazing Benefits of Buying Eco Friendly Bags
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Gone will be the times. When people used to choose plastic bags due to their regular shopping. Individuals are now becoming aware of how these plastic totes harm the wildlife and environment. If you still wish to know the advantages of getting the Eco-friendly buying bags, Take a Look at the listing of main ones under:

1) Durability is very high

Reusable and Eco friendly bags notably the cotton bags and jute bags offer the consumer with a far stronger and sturdier option compared to plastic bags. They won’t rip off if they’re trapped in something and as a result of sturdiness of the material employed in those bags, it is possible to fill them until the shirt and they will not burst.

2) Comfortable

As a result of usage of materials such as cotton in reusable shopping bags or cloth bags, they frequently have ergonomic grips. These handles enable the user to take the bags with no distress no matter the weight of this bag and in addition, it permits the user to select up some more material since he’s only using a few fingers to grip the bag.

3) Storing becomes easy

Just because the plastic bags aren’t reusable, you have to save tons of these on your drawer so that you can use them if you have to transport something. This may take a great deal of room in your drawer that you’ll be able to free up with the usage of reusable and Eco-friendly buying bags. It is possible to just choose two wheeled bags, fold them and place them in your drawer that will take less space than the 50 plastic totes.

4) Very economical

It can sound somewhat odd but the reusable cotton bags, jute bags or paper bags are a lot more affordable in the long term, and we’re referring to saving countless dollars here simply due to their capacity to endure for a life of about 50 vinyl bags. As per a survey, a normal man uses 13,000 plastic bags within his life which can cost him about $800. However, if he purchases reusable shopping bags, he’d just have to receive 26 of these to last a life which will just charge him $26 to $50 for all 26 bags.

5) Nature friendly

Whenever someone buys a reusable Eco-friendly tote, they bring about a real cause of conserving the wildlife. Countless wildlife deaths are caused annually simply due to the plastic totes. And other than that, the plastic bags require anywhere from 15 years to 1000 years to decompose so that they have a long-lasting influence on the surroundings. However on the flip side, reusable shopping bags like cotton bags, jute bags, newspaper bags or canvas totes are created from a readily biodegradable material that makes them exceptionally Eco-friendly.

6) Accessory which is fashionable

Since we’re speaking about customized Eco-friendly and reusable cotton bags, jute bags and paper bags, you may use them as an accessory to your style. It is possible to get your favourite emblem, quotations, symbols or graphics printed on these and they will be prepared to be part of your style collection. Which Eco-friendly bags are you really likely to use?

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Catch Foundation is an Ahmedabad based environmental NGO founded in 2014. The team comprises of Senior Citizens, Homemakers, Entrepreneurs, Army Officers & Govt. Officials. The NGO's focus is on creating awareness of cleanliness in the surrounding areas, segregation of dry and wet waste at source, increasing the green landscape in the city, and encouraging people not to use single-use plastic.

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