Corporate Branding: The Importance of Having Your Own Content

Corporate Branding: The Importance of Having Your Own Content
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Many companies are guilty of the abusive use of content extracted from image banks. Although image banks are a good resource in extreme and last minute situations, we must not forget the importance of having our own content that shows our essence and marks the corporate branding that defines the visual standards of our company.

In many cases, such as providing content for the web, social networks and blog, large productions are not necessary, we can generate more quantity of good quality content if we have a latest generation mobile phone or an evil camera (hybrid between a camera digital camera and a reflex camera), some basic notions of editing and a good eye when taking photography or video.

Do not panic! If you do not have this material, time or a person who is responsible for these efforts, we provide a flat rate service to produce this type of content for you and make your business existence a little easier.

Here are 4 reasons why it deserves to invest in your own content for your company:

1. Connect with your customers

Establishing emotional connections between the brand and/or business and the customer is the result of a well-done brand strategy like Children book illustration. In a market so saturated with options, the customer seeks emotional satisfaction for his purchase and/and obtaining a service. Make the client participate in your strategy, start by showing them authenticity and originality in the content , in addition to offering a quality product/service and a good commercial accompaniment that makes the client feel that they are part of something great.

2. Generate more traffic to your website and gain business visibility

Showing original and real content that differentiates you from the rest of the companies will make you visually stand out above your competition. Attract people to your website through good visual content on your social networks, and once they are browsing your page, offer content that solves their doubts, make your website become a reliable source of answers.

As you have more quality content and in a homogeneous format, more people will follow your social networks and are attracted to your website, and therefore more people will know your brand. Search engines reward that content that solves the doubts of the navigators, wins the battle by showing what they are looking for. Therefore, a good way to define what content to create is to think about what questions your potential customers have before reaching your products or services.

3. Build trust and reliability

The loyalty of the customer is one of the strongest business obsessions. What good is a client who does not want to repeat with us?

Creating relevant, useful content that adds value, entertains, educates and informs us will position us as an expert in our niche and a reference in the market. Which will result in more people visiting our page and keeping track of us.

4. You will charge what your services or products are really worth

By showing in real images that you are able to offer the customer, your product or service will be instantly revalued.

Investing in your own and quality content will help build your business credibility and that is why you will be increasing the value of what you offer.



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