How Artificial Intelligence will change Lifestyle of Humans

How Artificial Intelligence will change Lifestyle of Humans
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In this paragraph ,I will Firstly  introduce  the term “AI’ which stands for artificial intelligence .We will briefly discuss about the two terms artificial& intelligence.Aritifial means something not natural ,Intelligence means the ability to understand think &learn. So we can define the AI in such a way.Secondly , It is the study in which we can train the computer how computer do things which present human can do better. There are a lot of pros &cons in research work .John McCarthy is the father of Artificial intelligence .Our daily tasks are mostly performs by machines., we use machines because we wants 100% accuracy in our daily tasks. As you know that machines are run by humans but humans are not perfects.Reseachers thoughts we should develop a system in which machines can think intelligence &perform the task with accuracy .Thirdly,Artificial Intelligence is the most trending technology in now’s a days.AI is mostly using in every field of life like physics,medical,engineering ,robots ,other fields .

artificial intelligence

Branches of Artificial Intelligence

Following are also the famous branches of A I

Gaming: Firstly ,In gaming AI play a vital role. Artificial Intelligence specially work in strategy games ,such as poker card games ,gaming pc like ibuypower ,chess games where your machine  think of large numbers of possible positions based on heuristic .

Natural Language Processing

It is the process in which computers interaction involve to understand language spoken by humans. Experts System A lot of applications in which we can also integrate machine .Basically these are soft ware’s that advice the users for better implications.

 Vision System Spy drone is also another  example of vision system in which we can also take photo from drones from selected areas. Doctors use this system in clinics’ like Eye Checkup. Police use computers   software which can easily recognize the face of criminal.

Intelligent Robots. are also type of Artificial intelligence .

Speech Recognition Google translator is one of the best example of Speech Recognition .If you want to translate any language in google translator.The translator is also very intelligent to recognize language .

Intelligence Robot will perform diffferent task in every field of life like gaming as well as medical,engineering ,and also in optics.

FAQ about Experts System (AI)

What are the famous types of Artificial Intelligence?

Mostly 3 famous types of Artificial Intelligence is describe below?

  • Firstly :Narrow
  • Secondly: Weak
  • Thirdly:Strong

Some famous  example  of AI work school?

  • Firstly use in Plagrisim Checker.
  • Secondly  use in Google AI power Prediction
  • Thirdly used in Commercial Flights.
  • Fourtly in Spam Filter.
  • Email Categorization

What is the smartest AI System currently?

Lucid AI world largest most complete general base computer system.

Is Virtual assistant in AI?

Virtual Assistant AI is also  develop by Amazon, firstly use   in Amazon echo smart speakers.

What are the famous tools in AI?

Hence there are some example of AI.

  • Open NN
  • Keras
  • Pytorch
  • Google ML kit
  • H20 Open source Platform

Are AI Jobs in demands?

Yes AI jobs are high demands especially in the areas of autonomous driving, advanced robotics, facial recognition systems.

Advantages &Disadvantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence)


These are also more power intelligent computers. Job collective no vacancy.
 Interface will be simple.. Self running cars can also  unemploy drivers.
Robots can handle information easily . If you wrong program a robot can be dangerous at the end.
Your Lifestyle  will improve. AI systems doesn’t have feeling.
Hence Machines will take place against  humans. Humans brain capacity will be less in future vs AI.
Power Decision making However ,AI systems will be more smart from humans
Effective in unknown situation  
Autonomous learning  
Process &manage huge data.  
Robots will provide service to customers  
Management easy  
Also Help doctors to diagnose disease &many more  


Important Artificial intelligence technologies

Machine learning.

In this paragraph,  Machine learning is  also discuss in few steps .Hence the list of  Artificial intelligence technologies is also describe below.

  • Firstly  provide deep learning environment.
  • Secondly  process the language naturally .
  • Thirdly Natural language generation.
  • Fourtly Virtual agents.
  • Fiftly Speech recognition.
  • Integration AI with hardware .
  • Decision making easy.

Famous Companies also  Working in  AI

Finally,some good  (AI) artificial intelligence names are  also described below:

  • Advance Artificial
  • Advance  Creations
  • AI 4 Life
  • AI Development
  • The AI Dreams
  • AI Machines .
  • Alpha Team
  • Amazing AI
 Company Names 

Hence some of the  expert artificial  intelligence company names are also list below:

  • Before the Bots
  • best of AI
  • The Better Bots
  • Brain Computations
  • The Brain Power
  • Brillante
  • Careful Compute

Conclusion Finally most important There are also some advantage &disadvange of Artificial Intelligence but it depends on the use of Technology .If you use these experts systems you can take a lot of advantage from it but if use AI systems in wrong way it can be very dangerous for you .So becareful from AI in future.If you are interested  to read information about technology blog keep visit our website.A lot of information regarding tips&tricks ,Gadgets,Reviews are also available on our website .At the end,i request the users to send us feedback so that we can improve our website .





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